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Hosting Manager (Reseller/CPA Module)

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Setup, host and manage your own clients!

What is it?

  • The Hosting Manager is a small plug-in that easily transforms your existing application into a great source of revenue for CPAs, consultants, distributors or hosting providers wishing to offer this powerful suite to their marketplace.

    How do I configure it?

  • Follow this instructional link for setting up the Hosting Manager. You can also view this info by selecting the "Help Text" from the footer of the Hosting Manager page.

    Have an example?

  • Let's say you're a software reseller with 10 clients who would benefit from web-based business management. You could quickly provide each client a private site from your office PC (or server) and control administrative access for each one.

    Are client sites protected?

  • Absolutely. Your clients have no knowledge of each other nor share any data -- they are completely isolated and secure.

    Can I set my own rates?

  • You are in complete control of pricing. Want higher profits? Just raise your rates. Hosting Manager licensing allows you to charge clients any price(s) you choose. You simply remit back a small flat-rate fee per month. But even if you raise client rates later on, your licensing costs stay the same.

    Is it easy to add more clients?

  • Very easy. A client authorization code is required for each client you wish to host. These additional clients can be added any time you wish. Just click here to download client authorization code(s) or for more info.

    How does it work?

  • It simply runs multiple, distinct databases from one installation and includes a special update procedure that seamlessly keeps your databases in sync whenever you upgrade your files.

    How much does it cost?

  • The Hosting Manager comes at no cost. All Client Authorizations (licenses) are free during the initial 60 day trial period -- order as many as you'd like.

    If you and your clients enjoy the software and want to continue after that time, we'll contact you directly about the cost for each client license (usually just a small amount/per month).

    Your revenue from hosting clients will continue indefinitely as long as their small monthly licenses fees are in good standing (more info).

    Can I brand it?

  • Yes. Using the Premium System Settings and the Site Branding add-ons you can personalize your hosted solution by branding it with your logo(s), removing advertising links and more. The software logo will display concurrent with your logo(s).

    If you wish to White Label the product and re-sell it as your own package, we do allow this to our select partners. Email us at and we'll help you get set up.

    Requires NolaPro 4.0.3390 or higher
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