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Split Single Payment Between Multiple Customers

Allows you to apply a single payment to more than one customer. Useful if you bill entities separately, but receive a single check from a corporation to pay invoices for all entities.

To simplify selecting customers to apply single payments to, this new feature uses our Customer Groups add-on, which will be automatically activated when you enter the code above.
  1. Go to Admin -> Setup - Billing -> Customer Groups to create customer groups.
  2. Go to the customer edit page for each customer that is corporately related and choose a Customer Group created in the step above. You can find the Customer Group box in the General section of the customer edit page after clicking the Advanced link.
  3. After you have connected your single-payment customers together via a Customer Group you can go to Billing -> Invoices -> Enter Payments.
  4. Instead of choosing a customer, select a Customer Group. Enter values for Amount and Voucher#, then click Next.
  5. You will then see open invoices for all customers in the Customer Group. Assign amounts as needed.