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NolaPro Changelog

Version 5.0.20522

Added new customer and ship-to setting for Default Sales Location

 * Sets the front-end order entry's selected location when customer/ship-to is changed

 * Sets the B2B order's location

 * Defines what location to show available qty in B2B

Changed journal entry add so the automatic voucher creation looks at the auto voucher number setting used for new AR payments.

Changed the Income -> Quotes tab so it only appears if fulfillment, service, or rental orders are enabled.

Change to order entry's "View/Edit/Receive RMA" taskbar button showing overflow text for Pending/Total counts.  Will now be displayed as hover-text instead.

Fixed totals row column alignment on the Inventory Aging report if there aren't any sales regions set up.

Fix to SQL on "Most Overdue Invoices" billing dashboard report

SQL fix to Open Orders report.  Will now start showing the missing internal notes under the order lines (service order time notes).

Change to "Edit Internal Work" page so that cost is hidden by user setting "Cannot View Cost For POS/FO Orders."

Modified the bank rec page so that only one will be allowed every 27 days to help prevent users from adding multiple bank recs within a month. It's still possible to set up bank recs mid month as the block looks at the number of days since the last one and not just the calendar month. The 4-4-5 calendar most likely wouldn't apply for bank recs, but since the check is 27 days, a bank rec could be created every 4 weeks if needed outside February.

Added new menu item Income -> Sales Personnel -> Mass Assign

 * Allows user to assign new customer salespeople, as well as update existing invoices and orders.

Fixed issue where the vendor code would still be auto-generated even if the Generate Vendor Code For New Vendors setting was off.

When writing checks with approval turned off, the final page will have a Save button instead of Print since they may be doing electronic, or other payments and might not be printing physical checks.

Added Status (All/Pending/Cashed), and Exclude Voids filters to the check data table.

Fixed issue with AR statements not always ignoring credit balance customers for the Simple Statement version.

Added link next to the Send Email option to edit mail templates on the View/Print Statements page if the user has rights to edit mail templates.

Added setting of the salesperson for new customers added during FO/POS.

Changes to Service Orders

 * Message that no Service Type/Class or Vendor/Employee is setup will now display links to each setup page.

 * Service Class/Type add page will now show "No Service Types/Classes Found" message with add button in the middle of the page.

 * Fix to service order's total and taxes not including item-option selections.

 * Fix to item-options being lost when doing a 2nd edit before saving on the same line.

 * Change to item add/edit page to prevent page refresh on QTY/Item/Location changes.

 * * Fix to 2nd tax never being selected when 3 taxes exist

 * * Fix to 2nd & 3rd tax being unselected when editing a line.

Fixed issue with FO/POS payment page when users are restricted to only certain payment types.

Change to inventory count edit/select page to prevent need to "Show More" records before saving to prevent loss of existing selected items.

Partial tax exemptions were not being shown for selection on ship-to edit page. Will show now.

Change to order-entry page, when custom fields are enabled. Will no longer display the customer's custom field section when no fields exist for customers.

Fix to shipment calculation of box weights, when item has no weight.

Fixed issue with Completed POs Not Sent To AP report where it was including the as of date when checking if the PO had been passed to AP in a future month. Now it looks beyond the as of date.

Modified the Shopify integration to point to the 2021-01 API version and use new API calls to set inventory levels since setting levels directly on the product itself is deprecated and going away April 1, 2021. Changed FO saving so that links to shopify line item IDs won't be removed. Added setting of the order’s order total field when Shopify orders are imported as it was left at zero previously.

Change to 3dcart set status from string.  Will now check with 3dcart installation to get list of available status codes, vs relying on a hard coded list.

Changed the Inventory Aging report so it will show lines from locations that might not have any quantity, but could still have a residual cost from items coming in at one cost and leaving at a different cost. Previously it only showed lines if there was a quantity, and that left off some locations that still contributed to the current average cost even though they didn't currently have any stock on hand. Also, items will only show if there was a quantity on hand across all locations. Removed the code to bump costs to different periods that had a quantity as it's not necessary since costs will be shown now without having a quantity.

Fix for issue with additional invoice return lines that are not linked to an item.

Fix to the "NS_ERROR_XPC_SECURITY_MANAGER_VETO" message that shows in the javascript console error log occasionally (when help text exists for the page).

Fix to save buttons and redirect pages some times opening in a new tab.

Change to customer view page to prevent salesman display when salesman is marked as deleted.

Fix to prevent showing a server error when emailing with the invoice Small3 template.

Invoice view page will now show a "Email Pay Link" option when the user has an email template setup that does not contain the {paybutton} text.  The template will then be appended with that payment button when using this button.

Modified the PO data table so PO numbers are sorted numerically first, then alphabetically.

Changed wording for activating deleted records so it mentions the specific thing being reactivated instead of saying to Activate Deleted Item.  Fixed issue preventing item vendor records from being reactivated properly.

Removed PSiGate as a credit card processor so new accounts can't be added. Changed the credit card account setup so settings that have just one option will be hidden. Removed the descriptive text for each cc setting and replaced with a help point.

Fixed issue with line item cost GL accounts not being saved correctly for service orders.

Fix to main UI's left menu to prevent hidden last item, caused by scrollbar not appearing soon enough.

Added extra checks when converting service orders to invoices to ensure GL accounts are set for GL transaction shipment entries. If not set, the conversion process will roll back.

Fixed issue with the Balance column not displaying properly in the invoice datatable if there weren't interest charges.

Change to pay void via invoice view page: will now show error/success message as popup.

Change to the Require Serial Number feature to support negative QTY sales.

Fix to RMA Misc Credits marked as taxable not having taxes applied.

Change to item options on Fulfillment Orders

 * Opening an existing order and then saving will no longer auto-change the price of an item option (if that item option had a price change after the order was last saved).

Modified the Region Sales Summary report so that it will ignore canceled sales territories.

Change to customer import/export edit tool:

 * Error messages will now be shown when a lookup by name fails for: Sales Categories, Salesman, Tax Exemption, GL Accounts, Invoice Terms, Price Levels, Customer Groups and Tax Groups

 * * Failed lookup fields will not be updated anymore (was being set to 0)

 * * * Blank options will still write as 0, without error, expect for Invoice Terms. An empty string for Invoice terms will not update the record.

Change to ship-to and sold-to formats so that a default format will be used when setting is fully blank.

Fixed issue with voiding and refunding credit card transactions for USAePay. Voids weren't working previously and credits would only work if the full cc number was entered and so not in the case where a previous charge needed to be refunded if voiding failed.

Added filters to Verify Inventory so specific items or categories of items at specific locations can be verified instead of all items and all locations at once. Added display of items that were verified along with their before and after cost and value at the default cost method.

Added missing Account Description column to the Import Accounts import template.

Fixes to "My User" page

 * Was overwriting user settings, setting to 0 or empty strings, for settings not available on the "My User" page (admin edit page settings).

 * Hid the "Default Homepage" setting, as this only applied to the classic NP5 UI. (Except for when the feature b2b appointments is enabled)

Fix to "Pay By Week" report so that misc-pay isn't excluded

Changes to Mobile Menu:

 * Fix to menu not displaying when not on the menu UI page.

 * Restored animation.

 * Restyled mobile menu to be larger.

 * Added events to auto-close the menu when the user clicks out of the area.

 * Screen rotation will no longer close the menu.

Fix to top-right main menu buttons' title text being shown over top slide-in panel on mobile devices.

Fix to taskbar buttons double firing click events.

Fix to vendor's "Allowed Payment Method" section.

 * Will now correctly show as "No" when the allowed payment record is missing.

Fix to "Special Check Size with GL on stub" check format to correctly overflow, vs creating a new page for each overflowing line.

Fix to customer statement's interest total calculation being added incorrectly to the line total.

Added new Inventory Location setting "Inactive."

Change to Item Location Stats page to exclude inactive location (line will show when on-hand/available qty, but as grayed out).

Change to block selection of inactive locations (except when that line is assigned to an inactive location already).

 * Transfers, Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Point Of Sale, Shipping, Inv Counts, Purchase Orders, BSR/SOQ, Returns (RMA), Invoice Item Returns.

Change to auto complete boxes to exclude inactive locations.

Change to various report to allow showing inactive locations for selection.

Added lang code to html header tag to prevent Chrome browsers from trying to translate the page incorrectly.

Fix to email address validator to allow '-' character.

Fixed issue with the Inventory Aging report leaving out inactive inventory locations.

Added a way to view itemtransaction records for an item with a "born on date" attached. The born on date keeps track of when the item originally came into inventory. For transfers and cost adjustments, the original born on date of the incoming items is used instead of the transaction date as is the case for POs and physical adjustments.

Added block to prevent invoice returns from being created if the return quantity is zero. Also added code to set quantities back to zero if a negative quantity is entered since negative returns are ignored.

Modified the inventory aging calculation so that for incoming quantities it will increase any negative buckets first before putting the remaining amount in the appropriate bucket based on the transaction date.

Change to Order Saving

 * Will now allow saving of negative taxes

New PDF Settings under Admin -> Billing -> Company Options -> Formatting -> Invoice Format

 * Header Address

 * Header Contact Info

 * Header Company Name

 * Invoice Header Logo

 * Invoice Language

 * Ship To Box Title Position

 * Sold To Box Title Position

 * Draw Lines in Ship To and Sold To boxes

 * Show Grid Lines in Sales Table

 * Hide Header

 * * Show Blank Header Height

 * Hide Header Border

 * Use Customer Table Layout

 * * Invoice Table Layout (Controls to hide/show columns, set alignment, font size, column order, column header text)

 * Show invoice total in words (used to be only accessible via an add-on)

 * Item Table Header Font Size

 * Subtotal Includes Taxes

 * Hide Total Due

 * Hide Total Paid

 * Include Currency Code With Total

Changes to PDF Column Settings Control

 * Added way to flag certain columns as "Show Subtotal"

 * Added way to override the column's header text

 * Fix to not always saving after changes are made

Fix to prevent customer's selected sale taxes from being changed by viewing an old order.

Added option on the Inventory Aging report to show aging steps per transaction for a selected item.

Changed the appointment scheduling tool so the Reserve Appointment For New Customer and New Customer buttons open in the same frame or a new subtab instead of breaking frames. Added a redirect back to the appointment scheduling page after creating a new customer with the Reserve Appointment For New Customer option.

Fix to DB Update: When updating a TEXT/BLOB field that is indexed, some versions of MySQL/MariaDB will halt because of a missing key length.  These versions of MariaDB/MySQL will now drop the conflicting key.

Fix to PHP fatal error when not reporting by location on the Back Orders report.

Removed "Purchase Remotely" column when not applicable from the "Calculate Item Reorder Points" page.

Fix to UI Alert Messages from Noguska appearing multiple times on 32bit systems.

Added a column for unit of measure to the inventory aging report.

Fixed issue with special sales pricing pdfs where code hadn't been added yet to display the special price based on static or margin-based pricing depending on the customer or company setting.

Fix to Inv PO creation not creating a correct total when an item isn't linked to an item-vendor record.

Added display of assigned GL account cost centers on GL account auto-complete boxes.

Version 5.0.20252 ...
Version 5.0.18324 ...
Version 5.0.14367 ...
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Version 5.0.13212 ...
Version 5.0.12671 ...
Version 5.0.12427 ...
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Version 5.0.10809 ...
Version 5.0.10680 ...
Version 5.0.10654 ...
Version 5.0.10633 ...
Version 5.0.10615 ...
Version 5.0.10572 ...
Version 5.0.10555 ...
Version 5.0.10513 ...
Version 5.0.10483 ...
Version 5.0.10468 ...
Version 5.0.10422 ...
Version 5.0.10400 ...
Version 5.0.10372 ...
Version 5.0.10333 ...
Version 5.0.10292 ...
Version 5.0.10217 ...
Version 5.0.10177 ...
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