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NolaPro Changelog

Version 5.0.14367


  • Summary's bank account where not showing proper total. Was not applying posted-to-date when totaling, as if they were always unposted.
  • Fixed ship-to addresses not showing as sorted on order entry.
  • Moved service order clone button so it always appears.
  • Changes to check prints in last release made is so that Middle Check format was not showing a duplicate bottom section to match the top. Instead it was trying to list overflowing invoices to this bottom section. Check at Top format will show one large invoice listing; Check in middle will show 2x copies of a smaller invoice listings.
  • 3dcart customer update was crashing if customer data contained an &.
  • E-Mail SMTP settings for user's was not loading for user's edit page.
  • Changed the prox discount date calculation so if prox months is zero it'll allow a discount date in the current month if before the discount day of month. Also, it will set the discount date out into the next month as before if the discount date has already passed.
  • Added setting of "2nd Stub is a copy", for checking accounts, to allow printing with the old behavior.
  • Fix for invoice's table not showing correct "1 - x of x" footer.
  • Fixed SQL error for ar-checks & restored missing apbill-comments.
  • Customer merge tool was blanking out the e-mail's send options (invoicing, confs & quote check-boxes).
  • Fixed issue with bank rec detail links taking over window.
  • Fix to print/export/pdf on report table. Corrected conflict where buttons would not be clickable.
  • Several fixes to the Adv. User Rights selection table. Removed underlines for barren nodes (those without children). Fixed several STR_ defines missing. Sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed issue with customer overdue info appearing on nporder.php when no customer is selected.
  • Fixed issue on Adv Rights setup where pages that appear in multiple menu locations were not updating all menu locations on change.
  • Fixed issue with eft payments where a vendor with no bank info following a vendor with bank info would have a transaction submitted to usaepay.
  • Fixed issue with the voucher detail page displaying the wrong employee for the payroll check.
  • Fixed issue with order totaling, for service order's, where tax total was ignoring customer/shipto tax-exempt status.
  • Fixed issue with log hours extra hours auto complete look-ups not functioning.
  • Fix for dataTable's column-search function where the Unicode like 'A' was appearing before the double arrows.
  • Fix for issue with deposits not matching values in the order-deposit table, would cause an order to become undeletable.
  • Fixed payment method on order import.
  • Fixed to Service Order page that was causing loss of line item sales tax.
  • Fixed selected RMA condition not carrying over to revival. (RMA Batch Create).
  • Fixed for customer accounts being listed twice under Reports -> Billing.
  • Fixed issue with the sales account saving properly when adding new items.
  • Fixed issue with int to alpha index for values over AZ on long import templates.
  • Fix for invoice's pdf not showing line items for certain setups.
  • Fixed issue with customer import not allowing for commas in field values, even if properly enclosed in quotes.
  • Fix for "Exclude Deleted Accounts" not working on the Balance Sheet report.
  • Fixed payment plan automatic emailing to choose correct email, no email unless chosen to receive invoices.
  • Fixed entries under customer's "Recent Invoices" that would some times show as red when at $0.00.
  • Fix for old server setups not supporting new HTTPS rules, for login authentication. Also, will not use HTTPS to download PDF software.
  • Fixed an SQL error with check voiding that was preventing the company contribution from being included on the employee pension credit ap bill.
  • Fixed issue with adding more lines to existing POs.
  • Fixed issue with dashboard summary P&L not limiting to the current company for gltransvouchers properly.
  • Fixed issue that would blank out the job info after selecting a job on the POS/FO page.


  • Added support for Credit Card Terminals.
  • Added discount and net columns to the Approved Bills Report.
  • Added columns for gl account, cost code and gl category to the customer payment import.
  • Added an option to include customer notes on the job history along with showing the AP bill description and showing the check number and hours for labor entries.
  • Added a ssn duplicate check when adding employees.
  • Added options to hide item codes and the job code from invoice PDFs.
  • Added options to show cost code and gl category for direct gl entries on the bank rec.
  • Added: Income -> Orders -> Fulfillment Orders -> Create Multiple RMAs.
  • Added: Admin -> Orders -> RMA Setup -> RMA Settings section (Next RMA Number & RMA Return Policy).
  • Added a new setting for terms for the specific date to pay out of the default company round dates when using the approval process for AP.
  • Added "Hide Customer Overdue Notice" found on the user's edit page, under Module Access -> Special Access Rights.
  • Added Admin -> Payroll -> Employee Certificate Types (extension of vendor_certificates add-on).
  • Added report Payroll -> Home -> Expired Certificates.
  • Added "Default Option Group For All New Items" setting for Items Options Groups. When changing this stetting, you will be shown another option to either Add or Remove this option group from all items.
  • Added an option to the Job History report to show the Cost Code in a separate column.
  • Add a "PO #" column to recent-invoice, recent-orders & recent shipments on the customer's view page.
  • Added an option to hide the customer number on the invoice pdf.
  • Added Tools -> Imports -> Import Orders.
  • Added Tools -> Imports -> Import Purchase Orders.
  • Added New Option: Admin -> Billing -> Company Options -> Formatting -> Other -> Display Sales Person Info In Quotes Header.
  • Added New Option: Admin -> Billing -> Company Options -> Formatting -> Other -> Display Signature Line In Quotes Footer.
  • Added setting to block automatically filling in the GL amount when adding new AP bills.
  • Added Income -> Orders -> Ship Order -> Ship Multiple Orders.
  • Added Tools -> Imports -> Import CRM Tasks.
  • Added Tools -> Imports -> Import CRM Task Activity.
  • Added drag-and-drop upload ability to the page after importing vendor bills.
  • Added date column to CRM Task Activity import.
  • Added customer "Account Open Date" to customer import.
  • Added "Cost" and "Unit" to order import.
  • Added Tools -> Imports -> Import Files.
  • Added Admin -> System -> File Categories.
  • Added Aging, Credit Limit, Closed & On Hold to Tools -> Exports -> Export Customer Balances.
  • Added "Soft Close" option to the close-year feature.
  • Added Tools -> Import -> Import Item Transfers.
  • Added Tools -> Import -> Import Item Search Categories.
  • Added PO#, Preferred Notification Method & Ship Method to invoice import. Fixed invoice's edit page to show selected method.
  • Added UPS SurePost as an option on shipping calculator.
  • Added new Fulfillment Order shortcut to the Customer page taskbar.
  • Added way to upload default documents that will attach to quotes, orders and invoices when printed or emailed; This also includes the ability to attach documents uploaded specifically for the quote, order or invoice.
  • Added new company option: force single customer email per input.
  • Added "Product Type Tax" system (useful for Lumber, Alcohol, Tobacco, etc...).
  • Added check to FO/POS/Customer & Job edit pages so that when a zip-code is entered, it will do a lookup to see if the state/city & county matches. If not, it will present a pop-up recommending it be set to proposed values.
  • Added Authorized Buyer column to contact-import.
  • Added inventory-type select below each item-autocomplete box on FO/POS entry. This will limit the autocomplete lookup and alter the UI for that line to hide certain fields depending on type selected.
  • Added "Shipment" section to the invoice view page.
  • Added option to update 3dcart product warehouse bin from item location bin_shelf. Happens with standard item info update once new setting is enabled. 3dcart order import now keeps date order started and date last updated at time of import, each in read-only custom fields.
  • Added way for users to set where in the body of the message the survey link appears.
  • Added "Contact" to invoice, invoice-imports, orders and quotes.
  • Added a way to set a single transaction maximum for EFT/ACH payments.
  • Added Sales Person to customer's view tab.
  • Added Invoice Date, PO #, Paid Date & Check # to the invoice table on the job page.
  • Added customer setting to require PO # on orders.
  • Added a new bank rec section for bank transfers entered via manual checks or ap bills.
  • Added check for duplicate vendor code (on new vendor entry). Will show the user the option to restore a deleted vendor if matches.
  • Added company-user setting to hide GL info on FO / POS page.
  • Added display of GL post date on vendor bills along with a link to the GL entry.
  • Added a way to run the AP Aging report based on GL Post date.
  • Added a way for each employee pension plan to set a maximum amount to deduct per year. Will now show a running total for the current year next to the maximum amount box. Modified calculation page to stop deducting once the cap is met.
  • Added Cost Code (Location), GL Category (Department) and GL Accounts to AP Aging - Detailed.
  • Added "Show Only Not Yet Cashed Or Cashed After Period" option to the Check List report.
  • Added AP-Company setting to restore old discount behavior on credit apbills.
  • Added user setting of "Payments Daily Close Management".
  • Added "Direct Cash Payments".
  • Added Expense type setting (Options: Expanse, Cash or Both).
  • Added "Show Purchase From Cash Drawer Link On POS" setting.
  • Added a new company option to force quote line items to be an inventory item when converting to a fulfillment order. Alert prompt gives link to new item page.
  • Added several new invoice PDF settings: "Invoice Header Text", "Hide Terms on Invoice", "Ship-To Sub Text", "Sold-To Sub Text", "Invoice Page Footer Notes".
  • Added a block to creating canceling entries on the voucher detail page if the month and module has been closed.
  • Added "View Entries Missing Department Or WC" to the Workman Comp report.
  • Added to the GL import a way to block transactions without cost code or gl category if the account is set up to require those.
  • Added listing of Unassigned Workers' Comp and Departments to the Payroll -> Reports -> Payroll Info report. (Workers' Compensation Summary/Detail & Department Wages Summary).
  • Added tracking of inventory-location and cost-code on payment records.
  • Added new add-on feature "Custom Order Numbering Schemes" to allow custom numbering schemes (with prefix) per company and per order type (service order, fulfillment, or quote). When activated, menu item replaces older "set next order number" page with Custom Order Numbering under Admin -> Orders.
  • Added "Daily Drawer Close" feature.
  • Added better error reporting for GL imports.


  • Faster DB Update by ignoring empty custom language defines.
  • Modified the check printout to use size 9 for invoice details if there is just one table and also expand the Notes area slightly as well.
  • Modifications to the AP Variance report to show bills and payments that post into a different month than the original entry; also added a filter to only show lines with differences.
  • Invoice line description's size in DB was larger than what is editable on the page. (now 255x chars).
  • Modified direct GL entries on the high volume view to group by entry date if posted in the same month as entered.
  • Change to bank-statement import (OFX) too. Set voucher's date to the date given on the bank-import vs NOW(), so that this matches the previous behavior of creating GL entries for the import.
  • Changed the Account Activity report to show All entries by default instead of just the unposted as showing the unposted is a less common option.
  • Added blank vertical space between line-items on Quotes PDFs.
  • Modified the date for the reversing entry when editing ap bills so it uses the date of the original entry; it had been using the current date of the bill which might have been changed for the current edit.
  • Changed the posted and unposted total on the GL close month page to ignore gltransvoucher entries that don't have any related transactions.
  • Change to invoice import. If invoice number is not found, one will be generated.
  • Change to contact page (customer & vendor). Changed layout to better utilize screen space and prevent long down scroll.
  • Change to invoice's shipping section. Will now show entered carrier info on the invoice if no shipments exist.
  • Increased the number of available years for credit card expiration dates since prepaid cards sometimes go out 9 or 10 years.
  • Modified the invoice pdf to handle case where arinvoice.shipping_method links to instead of being a text description.
  • Change to invoice import so that contacts will auto-generate if not found.
  • Change to vendor's view page. The vendor terms will now be shown under the view tab, in the top middle section below "Status".
  • On adding shipment, Freight Charge label was changed to Freight Cost to help eliminate confusion. This field is a record, it does not charge the customer this amount.
  • Set the default date search to be by Posted To Date on the Account Activity report to better match values in financial reports.
  • Changed the default page size for the account activity report to be 500.
  • Changes to Payroll check writing. Added tracking of apbill.voucherid during payroll check writing and check voiding. Added gl entries to company contributions ap bill since it was missing its own set. Adjusted the pension company contribution ap bill section to only create a bill if the company contribution wasn't already included in the employee deduction section. Added creation of credit bills for standalone company contributions since that wasn't being created when voiding checks.
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