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3dCart Integration

Combine your 3dCart functionality with NolaPro! This add-on will allow you to import your orders from 3dCart ecommerce software.

Available in NolaPro 5.0.14449 and higher

*NolaPro Add-Ons are additional features you can activate inside your NolaPro installation to give you certain capabilities not included in the base package.

Feature Installation

Setup - 3dCart

(1) Log into your 3dcart administrator panel.

(2) Go to "Modules" in your left menu.

(3) Search for module "REST API".
* If you do not see this module in your store, please contact 3dcart's support department for assistance.

(4) Click the "+" symbol, next to the REST API icon. Click the "Change Settings" link under the REST API module.

(5) On the "REST API Apps" page, click the "+ Add" button located in the top right of the page.

(6) Add this public key: a563cffd604b11edb440cd7c32c46e69

(7) After adding the public key, you will need to e-mail and request your API Key.
* Please include your site's URL in the request.

Add-on Activation - NolaPro

(1) After purchase you will be emailed an activation code.

(2) In NolaPro go to Tools -> Add-Ons.

(3) Click on 'Apply Activation Code'.

(4) Input the code in the 'Insert Code' field.

(5) Click the "Activate Feature" button.

(6) Log out and then back into NolaPro to refresh your menus.

Your feature will now be turned on inside NolaPro.

Setup - NolaPro

(1) Access the setup page under Admin → System → 3dcart Setup

(2) Click the "Add Website" button.

(3) Complete the setup form using the desired settings.
* All settings should be filled out.
* Include the HTTP-Protocol in the Store URL ("https://")
* The API Key will need to be requested from after entering the public key into your 3dcart store.
* The API Mode will need to be to "REST" unless our support team advises otherwise.
* Option Set PO Number From Question With ID may not apply to your needs and is safe to leave as "0".

Feature Usage

Import Data (3dcart to NolaPro)

3dcart orders can be imported by going to Tools → Imports → Import 3dcart Orders

The following import actions are accessible under Admin → System → 3dcart Setup

  • Import Extended Descriptions If Not Currently Set
  • Import Short Descriptions If Not Currently Set
  • Import Weights If Not Currently Set
  • Import Not For Sale Settings From This 3dcart Store
  • Import Ships By Itself Settings From This 3dcart Store
  • Import Shipping Markups From This 3dcart Store
  • Update Stock Levels For This 3dcart Store
  • Get 3dcart Item IDs

Export Data (NolaPro to 3dcart)

Data exports from NolaPro to 3dcart are triggered automatically when changes in NolaPro occur.

The following export options are available under Admin → System → 3dcart Setup

  • Update 3dcart Shipping Status Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Shipping Fee Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Shipping Preference Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Cancel Status Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Hold Status Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Prices Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Customer Info Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Extended Descriptions Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Short Descriptions Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Product Names Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Weights Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Not For Sale Settings Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Ships By Itself Settings Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Shipping Markups Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Stock Levels Automatically
  • Update 3dcart Warehouse Bin Automatically