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Employee Time Tracking

The Employee Time Tracking system provides a way for employees to record hours worked and contains utilities that let administrators edit and pass those hours over to the payroll module.

The system allows configuring some employees so that they only have access to the time tracking system. This provides a more focused interface for those that only need to monitor their hours worked.

Along with being able to clock in and out employees can view reports on hours worked over a given time period. The system automatically detects shift work and overtime pay, and administrators are able to edit all time entries before passing on the values to the payroll module for calculation and check generation.

Note that other 3rd party timeclock programs with the same functionality run in the thousands of dollars annually. This affordable alternative offers unlimited users, no upgrade costs, and can also be tailored to your specifications upon request. A steal by comparison!

For start-up help with the Employee Time Tracking module please visit our online video library.

Requires the NolaPro Payroll module available for (a) cloud subscriptions of NolaPro Enterprise, or (b) self-installed NolaPro versions by contacting us at