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vtiger Integration

Vtiger is a CRM software that allows you to manage leads, sales opportunities and more. The vtiger Integration allows you to import your accounts, invoices and products into NolaPro. This add-on is designed to work with the open source version of vTiger versions 6 and earlier.

1. Order below and an authorization code will be sent to you via email (see bottom of page for instructions to apply your code).

2. Download the instruction guide here:

   (.pdf Format) //

3. Download the module here:

   (vTiger v5) //
   (vTiger v6) //

4. Follow the instruction guide and run the program.

vtigerTM is a registered trademark of vtiger

Note: vtiger hosting is available on our servers at monthly fee of $14.99.

Available in NolaPro 5.0.7865 and higher