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NolaPro is incredibly powerful Accounting Software

A fully customizable solution that matches your Business



Over 100 add-ons and tons of setup choices.

Run your books the same way
you run your company.

Easy.  Affordable.  Flexible.

International version available upon request.



Need specific accounting functions or inventory control?

No problem.

Request NolaPro Modifications.

Make your ERP a perfect fit.



Using 3rd party utilities?

Or built your own web-based app?

Integrate NolaPro for instant financial management!

Source Code available in select cases.

Our Features


Quickly manage customers, employees, and vendors.

Salesmen Salesmen
Vendors Vendors
Employees Employees
Customers Customers
Email Center Email Center
vTiger CRM vTiger CRM
Add-Ons Available
  • 12 Month History of Customer Sales or Units Sold
  • Block Salesperson Changes
  • Create Customer Groups
  • Customer Item Discounts
  • Customer Notes
  • Customer Page Customizer
  • Email Center
  • Employee Notes
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Employee-specific Tax Expense for GL
  • Limit Salesman Access
  • vTiger(TM) Integration


Double entry accounting with industry standard accounts.

Order Management

Quickly track customer orders and vendor purchases.

Fulfillment Orders Fulfillment Orders
Point Of Sales Point Of Sales
Quotes Quotes
Service Orders Service Orders
Purchase Orders Purchase Orders
B2B Web Portal B2B Web Portal
Add-Ons Available
  • B2B System
  • Block Orders If No Stock
  • Block Salesperson Changes
  • Create Customer Groups
  • Hide Item Options in Shipping & Invoicing
  • Inventory and Ordering System
  • Limit Salesman Access
  • Sales Margin Invoice Blocking


In-depth receivables, quotes, POS and recurring invoices.


Organize bills, write checks, issue purchase orders.

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Manage inventory costs, stock quantities and price levels.


Complete payroll check processing with W-2 / 941 forms.

Data Backups

Automatic daily system backups for all cloud users.

Nightly backups are performed automatically for our cloud subscribers, no action required. This allows us to restore your data up to seven days in the past. Nightly backups are performed automatically for our cloud subscribers, no action required.  This allows us to restore your data up to seven days in the past.
User Data Downloadable 24/7, create your own backups at any time with our easy to use database backup system. User Data Downloadable 24/7, create your own backups at any time with our easy to use database backup system.

Secure Site

Multiple security methods to safeguard your data.

Full User Access Controls Full User Access Controls
Audit Trials Available Audit Trials Available
IP Address Restrictions IP Address Restrictions
Gov't Level 256-bit Encryption Gov't Level 256-bit Encryption
Double-Entry Accounting Double-Entry Accounting
SSL (https:) Site Security SSL (https:) Site Security
Protected Nightly Backups Protected Nightly Backups
User Data Downloadable 27/7 User Data Downloadable 27/7
Add-Ons Available
  • Advanced User Rights
  • IP Access Control
  • Order Entry Access Rights
  • User Activity Monitor

Automatic Updates

A real-time, free service to all cloud subscribers.

Get the latest
patches to NolaPro Get the latest<br> patches to NolaPro
Additional features
added regularly Additional features<br> added regularly
Updates are handled by
a trained expert to ensure
the safety of your data Updates are handled by<br> a trained expert to ensure<br> the safety of your data
No user action required No user action required


Your modules. Your industry. Your choice.

While most applications would never change their program for you... NolaPro welcomes all requests to fulfill unique operating needs.

3 Reasons to Customize NolaPro:

  • Fit the specific needs of your business.
  • Add functionality for use with your industry.
  • Integrate with your existing 3rd-party applications or in-house development.
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