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Inventory Management

  • Track stock levels and committed inventory across multiple locations
  • Cost of Goods Tracking: FIFO, LIFO, Location Average or Company-Wide Average
  • Stock Level Counting: Cycle counts and full inventory counting to adjust stock levels with mobile-friendly interface
  • Inventory Transfers: Create, ship and receive transfers from location to location
  • Assignable Bins and Zones
  • Price Levels & Markup Sets
  • Build Orders (Convert and build new inventory items from existing items)
  • Bar Codes with support for custom designs
  • Set default General Ledger accounts for Sales, Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold based on item category and item type (stock, non-stock, other charges, rentals)

Inventory Tracking

  • Get counts for on-hand, available, committed, on-order, sold & purchased
  • Track inventory levels at multiple locations
  • Mulitiple options for Cost of Goods calculating (FIFO, LIFO or by Average)
  • Track unique costs by intentory location, or as a company wide average

Item Catalog

  • Store all of your item details in a single location: Stock, Non-Stock and Other Charges
  • Composite Item: Track the building of an item from component items
  • Categorize your catalog
  • Maintain notes for the customer, your sales team, and for your order picking personnel
  • Define unique ledger account usage for advanced tracking
  • Customize the UI: Create your own item fields
  • Shipping details to refine your estimates and shipping documents: Weight, Dimensions, UN Number
  • Product Iamge, Video, Sound, PDFs & Product Sheet storage
  • HTML WYSIWYG B2B product description editor

Stock Level Counting

  • Cycle Count: Find lost items, correct on-hand values with periodic count of the most import items first
  • Full Physical Count: Count everything in your inventory, ensuring nothing is missed and that your on-hand values are accurate
  • Moible Friendly: Send out your warehouse team with tabets and count stock with the assistance of barcode scanners
  • Assign counting by user, location, bin & zone
  • Review and request recounts before posting new on-hand levels
  • Track the progress of large inventory cycle and physical counts by location & zone

Inventory Transfers

  • Simpliy your transfer management
  • Create transfers between warehouses or inventory locations, or even different companies managed by NolaPro
  • Pick transfers while recording the used shipping container
  • Ship transfers and track in-transit quantity
  • Receive transfers with ability to add missed items and correct quantity
  • Auto create transfers from sale orders
  • Build a transfer, from your warehouse, based on the needed and avaiable stock at your multiple sales locations

Sales Pricing

  • Price Levels: Define pricing with mulitple options
  • Markup Sets: Define pricing based on your costs
  • Assign special pricing for just a single customer, or a particular location
  • Create promotions that will automatilly end on an assigned date

Build Orders (BOM)

  • Convert compoent items into a new composite item
  • Automatilly build composite inventory from a sale
  • Create Purchase Orders from Build Orders

Bar Codes

  • Manage multiple barcode templates
  • Support for common formats: Code 39, EAN 13 & Code 93
  • Customize your barcode with options for price levels, description, item code, bin, etc.
  • Define your own fields to display on the barcode
  • Mass print with a barcode printer support


  • Rent by day, week or month with ability to define rates for each
  • Bill in advance or in arrears
  • Track out on rent quantity
  • Set a minimum rental period to always charge for
  • Mark items as off-rent: End billing before the item is returned
  • Convert a rental to a sale

Inventory Accounting

  • Accrued Purchases
  • Cost of Goods
  • Cost Adjustments
  • Freight Expense
  • Transfer Burden
  • Inventory In Transit
  • Inventory Loss
  • Sales
  • Etc..